Budapest-Sarajevo-Benin 2010

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Trans Sahara Rally 2010

15 March 2010 Operation for Algerian visa (magyarul is!)


A new day has come and now we feel ready to deal with the visa issues. As the organizers don’t speak French they take Balazs to do so. Armin joins them not to leave alone his friend. Therefore we have a quick breakfast in the hotel and we leave very early in the morning. We would be the firsts at 9am when the Consulate of People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria opens the gate.

14 March 2010 Caterpilar (magyarul is!)


We wake up at 7:25 for a breakfast. The morning breeze from the sea gives us the freshness. Of course, we are the only one having breakfast in spite of the agreement. All the others are sleeping. Later on Magnum team joins us. It’s funny how the cook reduces the size of the “omlette”. For the first order it was a king size portion, but the last arrival gets only a baby size.

13 March 2010 Attempt to get to Tunis (magyarul is!)

View from NH Hotel

The bells of the neighboring church are ringing enormously loud at 7am. No need to say we are awake like a smashed potato. We get a quick shower and have a rich breakfast.

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