16 March 2010 Waiting and waiting

Zuta koparka

Early morning we restart everything at the Consulate at 9. Well it’s very difficult to explain what is happening. We enter the waiting room that is paved full of marbles and sit on the chairs.

We wait and wait.

Nothing happens.

For hours.

We almost get frozen to death as they turned on the climate and because of the big walls no sunshine is able to enter the room.

And nothing happens.

We discover that flies are dead also. Probably because of the cold.

We are waiting patiently.

Some other people come and go. With or without visa.

It’s funny how they issue visa. There is a guy who wants to have visa with 2 entries, and when he receives only 1 entry and starts to complain. But the official answer is: “We have studied thoroughly your application and we decided 1 entry is enough for you!” Also an American businessman comes for business visa but because of missing a paper his documentation is rejected completely.

This is how life goes in the Consulate. People are coming with expectations and some has to leave without them.

We are still waiting.

Around 12 the lady comes and suggests if we would go for a lunch. We are happy to get out of the building to get some warmth.

We eat in a restaurant called: Why not?. Very funny place. When we ask why it is the name, surprisingly we receive the answer: why not? They make very delicious food. And very fast.

What is exceptionally funny how these people use the money and price. Tunisia has dinars and the change is in centimes. One euro is about 1.87 dinars. Better said 1870 centimes. The complication starts here. If the price is written as 15000 it means 15 dinars. So we have to divide with thousand. If the price is written as 200 it means 200 centimes. So try to be smart when someone tells you how much to pay. Funny people.

We go back to the Consulate and spend our time there. Freezing again and no happening at all.

At 3pm when they close the building they nicely ask us to leave. We decide it was hard day so we take a nap in the hotel.

Later we unpack and pack the car just to do something. The Polish teams are still circulating around the hotel. It’s like a real Kusturica movie, like in the ‘Time of the Gipsies’. The scene is the following: the guy is a gambler and everywhere he goes he tries to get some money. But as he’s a loser type he loses always. Once he meets his all-time opponent and decides to take revenge. So they sit in the camper pulled by another car and they make circles all around the village. As if they move they don’t get caught by the police..

We don’t feel like join them, so we prepare our food and go to sleep early with the hope to have a visa tomorrow.